Tuesday, January 12, 2010


About a year ago, whilst doing the pug run, during our semi-annual Pittwater council general rubbish clean-up week, we (Bennie, George and myself) went past a collection of disposables with this strange thing poking out from the middle: it was a mannequin of sorts, I guess, made of PVC plastic. I was quite at lost trying to think of the reason for its existance, since I couldn't figure out seeing her in a shop, dressed up with any kind of clothes (maybe it was made for displaying socks? - well, then again, Haute Couture doesn't really ring any bells in my fashion vocabulary).

She looked so intriguingly surreal, somewhat sexual or such, so I grabbed her under my arm, and carried her home. It's funny, our boys, the pugs, they never seem to question me on my actions??? Then again, had they been able to query, I wouldn't have had an idea what to say in terms of explanations.

This morning though, after a year, when I was relaxing in the pool after my regular walk I noticed a hole in the sole of her foot, which I thought must have been for displaying her in some way. So to the cheap art part of this post: I went to the Mitre 10 (our local hardware store in Avalon), and got a one meter metal rod for $10.40.

Well, just one more thing before we get down to business: I thought the store attendant asked me which colour one I want, so I replied something like 'I don't really care which colour it is', before realising that he had queried me about whether it should be, oh, I've already forgotten, but he meant if the spiral grooves (?) on it should be 'metric' (?) or some such!?!?

Well, it always happens in these places, I guess, at least for me. So, back to business: I put the rod into one of the holes in the rendering (WOW - I KNOW THIS WORD, do I, do i?) around the pool, and slotted her in there through the heel. And there you go:  

A Sculpture for less than 11 dollars!


Kurt Schranzer
Apodyterium-Self-Portrait with Stripped-Down Youth, 1993

acrylic on panel, 17 x 12.2 cm

Signed and inscribed reverse with title, date, catalogue no. MCCLXXXVII

In artist's frame


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