Friday, January 8, 2010

UPDATE Our Bugs's Life #3 - Spiders UPDATE

Can't believe this!

After posting the 'Our Bugs's Life #3' thingo about our spiders prompted by the Sydney Morning Herald article about the sudden prevalence of venomous Funnel-Web Spiders in Sydney, what would you know: We just encountered one inside!!!!

It's the first time ever (we've had the slightly less lethal Red Back Spiders in here before)! We used our usual method of removing it by trapping it with a glass, and sliding a paper under it, and taking it outside, behind the back fence. But, where there's one, where are the other ones?  Hope the boys (Bennie and George, our pugs) are safe... They sleep in their basket by the door to the backyard that's always open!

I took some photos of the beast before we dislodged it safely behind the fence (oh, by the way, it is a public path there, not a neighbours yard!).

Here they are:


I can't think of an artwork to feature here, sorry...
Actually, I'll do Bennie and George:


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