Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still Waiting - Roman Holiday Vespas


"Roman Holiday", directed by William Wyler.
Gregory Peck as Joe Bradley.
Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann (Anya "Smitty" Smith).

Still Waiting - Shooting my Study


3 D 4 Medical


A free app, 3D4Medical Essential Skeleton, is just fantastic! Naturally, as we do, 
I appropriated the beautiful bone structures of the 3D images provided, and 
came up with a more gothic look of our bones:

Genealogy II


Delving further into my family tree I found Aarni Jäske, a Finnish (outsider) 
artist. After an unsuccessful medical operation he had to give up his day job, 
which freed him to act up on his artistic impulses. He describes his technique on 
his website aarnijaske.net thus:

"Technical realisation: Mig and Tig welding

Material: stainless and acid-proof steel

Surface treatment:

I mainly use quick welding passes. By heating the surface of the steel to different temperatures, 
the whole spectrum of colours appears. In addition, I use a milling cutter to create fine details in 
the surface pattern. I finish each piece with a layer of lacquer. In animal statues, I use glass 

During the planning stage, I take the following into consideration:

For animals, its pose, what direction it is looking at, what direction it is going, how it fits in to 
its environment, where it will be located.

In addition, it is important that I know what the person commissioning the work likes. I also 
need information on what milieu it will be placed in; this information can be culled from 
photographs, etc. Designing whether or not it will have a pedestal, what material it will be made 
out of, e.g., stone or steel and does it form a whole.

I learn about anatomy and check dimensions as achieving the right result requires that some 
parts be emphasised or de-emphasised. I take photos for my work from different directions and 
I sketch out dimensions that correspond to the size of the work in progress.

The frame must be quite accurately made and is an important stage in achieving the best result 
possible. I sketch, cut and shape every steel part one at a time. I can use anywhere from a 
couple hundred pieces to tens of thousands in a single work. Each one of my works of art is 

All the images below I copied from his website aarnijaske.net, and modified to 
create a nice set to show his work:

Good Morning (Waking up from Hibernation)


Sulo Karjalainen with his bears.
Photo: Kimmo Taskinen, Helsingin Sanomat

"The Predator Center in Kuusamo, Finland

At the Predator Center in Kuusamo, one can get acquainted with some of the large predators that are found in 
Finland. At the moment, there are several bears at the Center, the oldest of which was born in 1992. Vyoti is 
probably the best known of all the bears. Foxes and lynx also reside at the Center, as well as an elusive 
wolverine, the mysterious beast of our woods.

Visits to the Predator Center are conducted with a guide. "

iPad Drawings #4 and #5


Just Hours Away


See here for explanation...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Red Velvet Mite (Trombidium sp.)


Red Velvet Mite (Trombidium sp.)

Saturday, April 27, 2013



Prompted by my dad's 90th birthday a couple of days ago, I delved into his 
comprehensive genealogy research regarding our Karelian Jäske family, and 
found something I hadn't noticed before: He seems to have both of his 
grandmothers of Russian origin, based on their names:

Evdokia Sidorov (daughter of Savel Sidorov)


Anna Borovikov (daughter of Pavel Borovikov)

I am kind of fascinated about all things Russian (in a sort of hot water cold 
water way that is). I'll be soon receiving the results of my genome mapping (by 
23andMe.com), which will hopefully give me more information about my genetic 
makeup well beyond the 'where do you come from' information.

Oranges (as in the colour) at Home


iPad Drawings #2 and #3


I'm really enjoying making these quick sketches on my iPad Mini (using the free 
Brushes application):

iPad Drawing #2

iPad Drawing #3

iPad Drawing #1

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