Monday, May 31, 2010

Rubbish Night


Nowadays I'm carrying my little Canon camera everywhere: here are a couple of 
images when taking the rubbish out on our bin night, Monday:

Storm Approaching #1


Sydney Morning Herald, Monday, 31st of May, 2010:

"Surfers were making the most of the big swell today as winds whipped up the ocean.
Sydney might have missed out on the cyclonic conditions that buffeted the NSW south coast over the 
weekend but the rain is here to stay.
Meteorologists say the city's wettest May in seven years will roll on into June, with a number of 
developing troughs promising to pepper the city with showers over the next few weeks.
"Looking beyond the current week there is a very good potential for troughs to develop and, as a result 
of that, unfortunately if you like the sunshine, it's probably going to mean cloudy skies and plenty more 
rainfall to come in the following weeks," forecaster Martin Palmer said.
Sydney received 169mm of rain this month, almost 50mm above the May average."

I drove down to Avalon Beach this morning to see if I could get some mildly 
interesting images of the approaching storm. As it happens, it's the day before 
the first day of winter here in Australia. This is the time, when the surf's up, and 
you're considering putting the top up on your convertible (my rule of thumb is not 
to drive top-down when it gets under 18 degrees celsius - well, or, if it is raining 
heavily, I guess), and despite the seasonal semi-official warnings for rock 
fisherman and surfers to stay away, the best surf breaks are fully taken up by 
the thrill-seekers trying to make the most of the rough conditions.

Well, I did get some decent photos, a couple of sets in fact. This particular one 
below is actually set on the sand, not in the rough surf: A gracious older lady 
appeared at the Avalon Surf Life Saving Club building with her to canines for an 
outing at the beach (which officially is illegal at Sydney beaches, but who'd take 
an offence of these guys having a cheery outing, especially in this not so great 
weather). The two doggies were a puppy, a few times larger to his older 
'brother', full of energy trying to engage the older one in rambunctious  activities.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's Walk - Three Beaches, Two Headlands, Five Suburbs, Three Hours


Down Grandview Drive (Bilgola Plateau) to Newport Beach (Newport), over the 
headland to Bilgola Beach (Bilgola), over the headland to Avalon Beach (Avalon), 
up through Angophora Reserve (Avalon/Clareville), and back to Bilgola Plateau.

Listened to Slate Magazine Audio Book Club podcast (To Kill A Mockingbird, by 
Harper Lee), then music by Grand Salvo (Soil Creatures album), Lisa Miller 
(Morning in the Bowl of Night album), Caspar Frantz & Chloë Hanslip 
(Bazzini: Virtuoso Works for Violin and Piano).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catching Thieves


Catching thieves ---  with my camera:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Autumn Crops


Here're some oranges and lemons from the garden:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Walk - Bungan Beach Surfers


A walk down Grandview Drive to Newport Beach, up to Bungan Headland, then 
down to Bungan Beach, where I was caught by a rainstorm coming from the 
south. Managed to take these photos of surfers who were enjoying quite 
reasonable waves.

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