Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland


Whilst visiting Finland last May/June I had a chance to visit the UNESCO World 
Heritage Listed Fortress Island Suomenlinna just outside Helsinki (see my 
previous post - this is the place where I did my Naval Reserve Officers Course 
in my young years).  I put together this group for showing some colours I 
encountered there.

From artist Eeli Aalto's childhood workbook

(Count Augustin Ehrensvärd (September 25, 1710 – October 4, 1772) was a Swedish military architect, a lieutenant colonel in the artillery. In 1747, he was chosen by king Frederick I of Sweden to design and construct a maritime fortress (now called Suomenlinna) near Helsinki in Finland, then a part of the Kingdom of Sweden.)

"Salme Vehvilä, my history teacher, had developed the workbook idea to enhance learning. The essential things were recorded in a workbook that each and everyone tried to illustrate as best as they could. Such a task suited me well, as it satisfied my desire to draw. The workbooks were usually a cause of horror to the pupils and libraries. Without mercy, the boys clipped pictures out of books to stick them in their notebooks. I had the chance to feel the power of art in the admiration of my friends and when Mrs. Vehvilä decorated my book with the grade 10, sometimes even 10+."

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