Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012



I was congratulating myself for my stamina for managing to walk from Palm 
Beach over the headland to Whale Beach during my photo session of the big 
Palmie to Whale Ocean Swim (that is, from the start at Palm Beach, to the finish 
at Whale Beach - a full post coming up, after I've gone through about a thousand 
images that I took today!). However, ignoring the fact that 1700 people actually 
swam the longer marathon distance (2.5 kilometers, just under 2 miles) in the 
rough conditions out there on the ocean, I was totally humbled at Whale seeing a 
man with one leg appearing from the surf. Just before I had seen a young girl 
carrying a pair of crutches through the crowd, in the back of my mind I found it a 
bit puzzling, but I got the explanation very quickly: she handed them over to her 
dad (or granddad?), who used them to make a dash to the finishing line.

The last photo here is an example of another kind of hero, an elderly gentleman 
being greeted by his granddaughter (great granddaughter?) at the finish, for
them to finish the marathon together. I heard them interviewing another elder
later on (could have been the same person) who was all but 83 years old, having
just finished the demanding swim!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Babewatch Charity


From Babewatch organisation website (

“Because Melanoma’s a Beach”

Babewatch is a charity ocean swimming team straight out of a David Hasselhoff 

Over summer we hit the Sydney ocean swimming circuit and raise awareness for 
Australian issues, while strutting our stuff on the beach and letting it all hang out.

In 2012 we’re supporting the Melanoma Institute Australia and aiming to raise 
$10,000 for their Genome project.

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Palm Beach to Whale Beach Big Swim yesterday:

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