Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pottery #15 - Caffeine Overdose - Oversized Coffee Cups and Teabowls


These drinking vessels should be large enough to satisfy everybody's hot drink needs:

Kyle Houser
Mr Wrestling Number 2 Garden Cup and Saucer
4 3/4 tall in the saucer and 5 3/4 across (12 x 15 cm)

Landry Deese
Tea Bowl
appx inches 3.75h x 4.75w (9.5x12 cm)


Donna Uhlig and Gretchen O’Donnell:
The plate measures at 13" (33cm) across while the cup measures at 9" (23cm) across by 5" (13cm) tall. 

Jerzy Panek
Niewidomi erotomani (Blind Sex Maniacs), 1993
Etching, 36 x 51 cm, edition AP
Jan Feijkiel Gallery, Krakow, Poland
Esa Jaske Collection

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