Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Bugs's Life #5 - Mystery Nursery


This I spotted today on the roof of our outdoor deck. Don't really know what the 
youngsters are, I'll keep you posted on their development.

DAY 2 - horns:

DAY 3 - hatchlings gone, and mystery resolved

Nymphes myrmeleonides is an Australian lacewing, known as the blue eyes lacewing. It is found in areas of New South 
Wales and Queensland, and is one of the largest lacewings in the world. The species have a body length of up to 4 cm 
(1.57 in) and a wingspan of up to 11 cm (4.33 in), each wing ending in a white tip. The larvae of N. myrmeleonides 
resemble antlions and construct pit traps by burrowing into loose soil.   Wikipedia


This was a coincidence: I spotted this insect flying inside, somewhat hindered by 
spiders' webs -

I did my research and found out it actually was the adult 'Blue Eyes Lacewing'! 
Every now and then we try to untangle butterflies and dragonflies caught in webs 
inside the house. Dragonflies are quite easy to catch, but in this case I only 
managed to do a partial cleaning, which wasn't enough because the next day I 
found it dead in the house. The next photo is from the time it was still alive, and 
the rest when it wasn't.


Ken Unsworth
Annulus of Stones, 2007

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