Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pottery #10 - Conceptual Clay, Shimada & Sleurs


Invincible, Purity, Patience, Courage, Torn, Tense, Oneness, Sick, Ambitious, Cute, Depressed, Angry, Silly, Empty, Curious, Irritated, Sad, Frustrated, Mean, Pain, Hurt, Tied, Untied, Lethargic, Restless, Betrayed, Numb, Stuffed, Nervous, Hate, Relieved, Wise, Free, Hungry, Overwhelmed, Tired, Explosive, Addicted, Pressured, Regret, Safe, Stress, Pretty, Agitated, Blocked, Greedy, Protected, Adventurous, Special, Divided, Zombie, Cold, Sweet, Confused, Excited, Small, Shy, Comfort, Passionate, Shitty, Relaxed, Lost, Defensive, Uncertain, Chaotic, Creative, Sleepy, Proud, Surprised, Bored, Naughty, Strong, In Love, Love, Romantic, Invisible, Sexy, Balanced, Old, Dazzling, Touched, Brave, Broken, Cursed, Blue, Tough, Rough, Amazed, Organised, Captured, Super, Giddy, Crushed, Scared, Satisfied, Isolated, Calm, Happy, Vulnerable. ======== 99 Feelings, Mitsy Sleurs

As part of my ongoing posts on 'pots' in my collection I'm featuring here
two beautiful, simple and somehow touching ceramic works by
Michiko Shimada (Japanese, based in Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Mitsy Sleurs (Belgian).

Vita by Michiko Shimada (website here)
Ceramic vessels
Porcelain, clear glossy glaze
Approximate dimensions: 6-7" high

"Vita is inspired by the curves of the body
as well as the forms inside the body."

Mitsy Sleurs
99 Feelings
Mini Art Feeling: Addicted-1

"The needle does give it a very negative feel for addictions but there sure can be positive addictions too.
I'm considering making a chocolate feeling... 

This ceramic art object is part of my ‘99 feelings’-project.
It derives from a project I did many years ago reflecting my self-portrait.
I called it ‘how the outside can tell how you feel inside’.
I started out with 9 feelings and then I suddenly thought of making 99 of them...
I like the fact that the number is uneven and that it leaves at least one feeling to complete to 100.
That one unfinished feeling to make 100, represents for me all the feelings
I haven't covered and that it can be anything...

It is a series of babushka’s where I added a texture or addition to it on the outside.
Quite often, these textures or additions lead you to the feeling right away
or sometimes it might recall a complete different feeling for you.
That is perfectly possible as this is just what it evokes for me.
It can be anything you feel as there is no 'right' feeling for it.
Each feeling is subjective and personal.
My sculptures are created as art objects. A lot of time and love goes into each one.
Or watch a little montage I made:

Terry Burrows, Untitled, 2002
Ink and acrylic on canvas, 70 x 86 cm
Esa Jaske Collection


  1. Wow, those porcelain vessels are superpretty!
    I just browsed through your blog and it's super - so many lovely finds!
    Thanks so much for supporting & featuring my art.

  2. those shimada pots are exquisite... reminds me of the heart muscle.


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