Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elton John


This was in the paper today. It brought to mind an event a few years ago when an art consultant called me on a Monday, asking if I'd be in the gallery that day. Usually my gallery was closed on Mondays, but in this case, yes, I'll certainly be there. The thing was she wanted to bring Elton John over to see a particular work I was exhibiting. The work actually belonged to yours truly: a huge photograph of a shot bride in the air, by a top Australian artist whose name I might leave out this time. I guess I would have the photo shown here in this post, but this artist is famously adamant of not allowing her photos reproduced outside a museum exhibition or her representative galleriers circles. (She is represented by galleries in Melbourne, New York and Dusseldorf.) I had a price of about $25,000 on this work.

Anyway, the consultant, when she called me, went on about her commission and the fact that Sir Elton tends to haggle over prices, so "It would be good to give him a discount of a few thousand dollars"! Well, we'll see, I thought. So I hopped into the shower, and quickly drove to the city to my gallery, to be contacted by the consultant telling me that unfortunately Sir Elton won't be coming over after all, he's having a lunch after his art shopping spree (she had taken him to a few galleries by then). Well, that's life. Even Sir Elton needs to eat.

Proud fathers ... David Furnish and Elton John. Photo: Getty Images

Sydney Morning Herald

Tot of the pops
December 3, 2011

THERE is no denying little Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John is one cute celebrity baby who was being spoiled rotten by his two dads in Sydney this week.

Sir Elton John, David Furnish and Zachary, who turns one on Christmas Day, have been catching up with old friends across Sydney, who report the little tyke's physical resemblance to John is so striking there seems little question about who the biological father is.

Zachary's paternity has been an issue of some public conjecture since it was revealed both men combined their sperm when the surrogate mother was impregnated.

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This week their entourage, including a nanny and a wet nurse for Zachary, has been hopping between luxury hotels in Sydney, ditching the Darling at The Star for the Four Seasons.

PS can reveal the reason Furnish had to suddenly leave Sydney for LA on Tuesday was to seek treatment for an infection, understood to have resulted from recent surgery.

Meanwhile, Sydney's art gallery owners are hoping to see Sir Elton swing by, the singer having already met Sydney art adviser/broker Amanda Love and keen to drop serious money on Australian photography.

On previous trips to Sydney Sir Elton, estimated to have a fortune of £195 million ($299 million) in the Sunday Times Rich List of 2011, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on works by the likes of Australian artists Bill Henson and Tracey Moffatt.

Sydney gallery owners are hoping he will do it again.

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