Friday, January 8, 2010

My excellent - cheap - way of collecting!


I've been known for obsessive collecting. It could've been art; for example have 
a look at my private art collection (as of a year ago) at (by 
the way, as you can see, should you click the link, my name isn't really Monsieur 
Ridou Ridou, or Mr Ridiculous Riddle; nor Riddie for short), or it would have been 
art books, or whatever. Needless to say though, art doesn't come cheap, not 
even pottery, which is my latest passion.

I do have a collecting hobby that doesn't cost a penny though - and you can do it 
too - I've been doing it since I was a kid!

This is how to do it:

(1) Select a year, preferably not a recent one, as this could flood your collection 
with cheap trinkets.
(2) Pay attention:  Whenever, wherever, you come across this year, in literature, 
TV, internet, in what ever, study the event, and memorise it.
(3) There you have it, your first piece for your collection!  And it is FREE!
(4) After a while you'll have a pretty good knowledge what was happening in the 
world during that year, and around it!
(5) Don't cheat though: it's just too easy to Google to add to your collection 
(although it might get you started)!

It works, you know. My year is my beloved 1642, but you can select whatever 
year you want. It's up to you! Here're some gems from my collection:


Cardinal Richelieu died aged 57 in Paris.

Saskia van Uylenburgh, the then wife of Rembrandt van Rijn, died 14th of June, 
at the age of 29.

This one is a bit controversial: I always had the great piece of Isaac Newton's 
birth in my collection, but other sources say he was actually born on the 4th of 
January, 1643, as opposed to the 25th of December, 1642 - so beware of the 

Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania and New Zealand.

Rembrandt van Rijn
Night Watch, 1642

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