Sunday, January 24, 2010

Does Anyone Still Use Mechanical Timepieces?


I happened to look for something in a drawer containing all sorts of odds and 
ends, and noticed these three watches that have been forgotten there over the 

This one is a 'Maurice Lecroix' watch that I quite liked at the time; simple and 
stylish, quite understated that I like (the face is broken now):

Here's the only Swatch Watch that I've ever owned. A bit clumsy, but it served 
its purpose. It reminds me of my Swiss Army Watch that I liked a lot (don't 
know where it is now...):

And here's my favourite, a watch designed by the Michael Graves.  Hmm. I 
think I could get this working again (although I don't like wearing watches in the 
Sydney heat):

Helga Groves
Diamond Painting, White, 1995
Mesh, enamel, wood, 25.5 x 25.5 cm
Esa Jaske Collection

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