Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Narrabeen Bridge Pelicans


I meant to do a post on our local birds, with photos of: - a found cute tiny bird's 
nest built with mostly synthetic material (it had fallen from a tree), - a magpie 
stealing fibres from the hanging basket in our garden to build his nest, - 
kookaburras doing their thing, - cockatoos entertaining themselves demolishing a 
wooden house at Copacapana on the New South Wales Central Coast (well, I 
didn't have my camera with me, so no photos; we were spending a weekend at a 
friends' house, and every morning a flock of cockatoos would land on the 
neighbour's house, who wasn't in, since it was a holiday house of a Japanese 
person staying there only occasionally. They'd be there all day, chipping in on the 
cedar, for no reason at all, but for their need for activity, however trivial).

I was thinking of adding to the post some photos of local (well, close enough) 
pelicans that greet the drivers crossing the Narrabeen bridge; we see them every 
time we drive south along the road following the ocean coast line, as opposed to 
taking the Wakehurst Parkway that is the fastest to get to the city. By the way, 
Wakehurst Parkway was a setting for some memorable images in the acclaimed 
Australian film Lantana.

I drove to Narrabeen this morning to take some photos of the pelicans at the 
bridge. I was quite confident I would see them, since they are there most of the 
time. There're four pylons, and usually they're all taken by the group of local 
pelicans for their preening/resting. They would have great views over to the 
ocean, which is not far, but we can't see it from the bridge for the small rise 
before the beach.

There was an unfortunate episode a few moths ago concerning spikes, that was 
widely reported in our local papers about the bridge, pelicans, poo, road safety, 
etc., but I won't go there, it was quite a sordid affair...


April Grunspan
Birding Mug: C is for Cormorant
Clay, stoneware, glaze, slip


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