Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Model I Knew


Ulla Solari, 1982, Manhattan:

Ulla later, with Andy Mac:


Elina Brotherus
L'Artiste et son modele
Series: The New Painting
2002, c-type photograph
105 x 111 cm
edition  of 6


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sydney's Northern Beaches: 10 Beaches, 10 Images, #8 - Warriewood Beach


Warriewood Beach runs for 500m from the northern cliff face and rocks to the base of 
Turrimetta Head which protects the beach from the south, causing it to curve around and 
face the north east. A single attached bar runs to the north and is cut by a permanent rip that 
flows out over the southern rocks known as pot rock.

General Conditions:

Good swimming and body surfing conditions
Strong shore break at times
Excellent surfing conditions at the north end
Good surfing breaks along the beach. Best in North Easterly winds.



Yves Klein
Blue Monochrome, 1961
Dry pigment in synthetic polymer medium on cotton over plywood, 6' 4 7/8" x 55 1/8" (195.1 x 140 cm).
The Sidney and Harriet Janis Collection.

A small neat found bird's nest


These images are of a found bird's nest that had fallen to the ground. I brought it home to take the photos.

Here is the nest on a mirror, showing the top, bottom and a side.

The outer layer is made of sprigs that the bird has glued together, to create a solid foundation.

The second layer consists of pieces of woollen and synthetic threads. Note that the nest seems to have had some insects laying their eggs in it, and the larvae have surfaced through little tunnels, and left their skins behind.

The inside of the nest is filled with soft synthetic padding.

Here's a close-up of the insect tunnel and skin.


Helga Groves
Diamond Painting, Black , 1995
Mesh, enamel, and wood, 25.5 x 25.5 cm


Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Walk - Tree trunks


Once again, here are some images from today's walk. This time I walked through 
Angophora Reserve, were these photos were taken.


Jari Silomäki
From My Weather Diary: In Kuranda, the noise that the birds make cannot be called singing. 
Today Mihail Hadorkovski and Platon Lebedev were in court., 2004
Chromogenic colour print mounted on aluminium, edition 1/10, 28 x 28 cm
Esa Jaske Collection


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Successful dental!


Just picked up Bennie and George from the vet (previous posts here and here). Both OK, and surprisingly animated. Benny lost one of his teeth, photos below. All good, for the almost 10 years old puppies!



Waiting for the boys to wake up & A Single Man


Killing time, waiting for the boys (B. and G.) to wake up from their induced 
sleep (see the post from this morning here), amongst other things, I watched 
on the ABC iView the latest episode of the 'At the Movies' show, compered by 
the always reliable reviewers Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton. One of 
the films discussed was Tom Ford's 'A Single Man'. I've listened to a couple of 
podcasts of Colin Firth being interviewed about his role in the film, as well as 
Tom talking about it with Terry Gross at the NPR podcast 'Fresh Air' (both of 
them, Colin and Tom, are highly articulate and intelligent), so I was quite 
interested on Margaret and David's take on the movie. Both of them were 
highly congratulatory on Firth ('his best performance so far', according to 
David), but the movie itself could have done with some messiness in it (as a 
response to Ford's unrelentingly immaculately designed beautiful scenes), they 
both argued. It was 3.5 stars out of 5 from both of them. One to see, 
regardless, I'm sure, what's wrong with this kind of 'intelligent design'.

The artworks in the background:

Stanislaw Fijalkowski
Czerwona Szarfa (Red Sash), 1995
Screenprint, 67.5 x 48 cm, edition 12/20
Esa Jaske Collection


Simeon Nelson
Trimatrix, 1995
Acrylic, MDF
Esa Jaske Collection

Simeon Nelson
Desiring Machine, 2005
Plasma cut 25mm galvanised steel
1000 x 1000 x 3800cm

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