Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sydney's Northern Beaches: 10 Beaches, 10 Images, #4 - Bilgola Beach


Beach #4:  Bilgola

Our closest ocean beaches (we also have the calm Pittwater beaches on the other side of the peninsula) are Bilgola and Newport (about a few minutes drive down from the plateau to the sea level, which is about 170 meters in altitude difference).

Here's an overview of Bilgola Beach lifted from our (Pittwater) council website:

"Bilgola Beach lies between Newport to the south and Avalon
to the north. Bilgola is believed to be an Aboriginal word
meaning “swirling waters”. In summertime the Bilgola Beach
area generates high visitor usage.

Bilgola Beach was once referred to as Dalley’s Beach, after
William Bede Dalley (1831 – 1888) one time Attorney General
and Acting Premier of New South Wales who had a beach
house in the 1870’s named Bilgola House. The house, which
has since been demolished, became a guesthouse in the

Today, the area is recognised for its relatively natural beauty,
with residences sheltered by the groves of heritage listed
Cabbage Tree Palms and Norfolk Island Pine trees. Historic
dry stonewalls, wells and bridges also add to the unique
character of Bilgola Beach."

I took the photos below on an early summer morning walk at the beach:


Tanya Kingston
Oil on board, 20 x 30 cm
Esa Jaske Collection


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