Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pottery #2 - Sensuous Forms


This time I'm featuring works by Elizabeth A. Sawyer (website) and Carole Epp 
(website) in my ceramics collection. Please use the above links for more 
information about these terrific ceramic artists.

Elizabeth Sawyer Stoneware Ikebana Container

Wheel thrown and altered stoneware vessel glazed in a satin/semi-translucent white glaze
with a banding of iron around the lip. Raised on small feet. 
Approx. 9"w x 7"d x 3 3/4"h, Inside depth ranges from 2"-3 3/4".
Fired to cone 11 reduction.

The container with Alvar Aalto vases.


Elizabeth Sawyer Dreamcicle Bowl.

Thrown porcelain bowl carved inside and out. Semi matte orange on the outside and gloss
white on the inside. Fired to cone 10. Dimensions: 6.75" d. at lip x 3/5" h. With Marimekko
Maija Isola fabric 'Oona'.

Carole Epp Wood fired shino glazed bowl.

A wheel thrown bowl fired in a reduction atmosphere in a wood kiln with a shino glaze.
5 1/4 inches wide.

Carole Epp Porcelain bowl.

A wheel thrown piece, high fired in an electric kiln with a copper blue crackle glaze on the
interior and a clear glaze on the exterior. It's made out of Southern Ice porcelain, an Australian
porcelain known for it's beautiful white color and translucency.
Approx. 4.5 inches in width and 3 in height.

Ildiko Kovacs Golden Light
Oil on Plywood, 160 x 244 cm

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  1. hi ridou, i got here from kyle's site... lovely pots all around. noticed these carole epp beauties, i love her work... got my mom some for xmas.


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