Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pottery #23 - FetishGhost


In this post I'm featuring these stunning pieces of pottery in my ceramics 
collection, made by Joel Blum aka Zygote aka FetishGhost from Stockton, 
California. He's a highly original creator of pots and silver jewellery. In addition 
he's also a great communicator, as seen on his blog, 
(link), which is highly recommended for potters and laymen as well. I guess his 
blog actually got me deeply interested in pottery and potters in the first place.

Joel Blum - FetishGhost





Mostyn Bramley-Moore

Screen, 1995
Gouache and pencil on paper, 38x29 cm
Esa Jaske Collection


  1. hi ridou, thanks for alerting me to this post. i love joel's work. are those all yours that are pictured? i got myself one for a xmas present to myself and i have two. one is like the 4th pic above. joel and i and about 40 others are gonna be in a blogger/potter show this fall so if i can go, i'll be able to see more of his work in person.

  2. hi jim, yes, i'm lucky to have them all here in sydney australia...


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