Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Bugs's Life #12 - This Morning's Praying Mantis


It's been a busy season for the beautiful Praying Mantises and Stick Insects at our place this summer/autumn. Here's one that was on his back on our deck this morning. I helped to clear the spider's web off his legs, and took the photos below.


Leon Bakst
Two Bacchantes from "Narcisse"
Color plate (Plate 36) from original drawing from the book
"The Decorative Art of Leon Bakst"
Published in 1913, U.K. (London Fine Art Society)
27 x 18 cm (image)
Arsène Alexandre, 1859-1937 
Lev Samoilovich Rozenberg (pseud. Léon Bakst), 1866-1924. 
The Decorative Art of Leon Bakst. 
London: Fine Art Society, 1913.
Esa Jaske Collection


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