Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pottery #22 - Insect Porcelain


Prompted by Matthew Katz's post on Slipcast - The Ceramics Blog (link), about 
razor-thin ceramics bowls developed by Taiwanese based potter Huang Tseng-
nan, I went to one of my Chinese porcelain tea-bowls to try to see how thin it 
was (it is quite delicate). This bowl features a branch of a flowering plant, with a 
beetle crawling on the flower. To my pleasant surprise there was this beautiful 
Praying Mantis hiding behind it. Don't know about the thickness (without any 
measuring tools), but I got these nice pictures of the two:

Camouflage (Praying Mantis is a stick insect after all).

George Soutter
Hollow Vessels
Solar print, 28 x 19 cm, edition of 10

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