Thursday, March 18, 2010

Introducing my New Blog


I'll be soon starting a new blog (whilst keeping this one going as well). The new blog will be about impressions of well known artists and their work, with some subjective text. The bulk of the posts will be of images of their work, with selected close-ups, or anything that might catch my eye and imagination.

There'll be twelve artists featured, one artist per week, over the next few months.

I've selected the artists purely based on my personal preferences, one determining factor being the number of monographs I have on them and their work in my art book library. The artists tend to be familiar 20th century American abstract expressionists, with some notable exceptions. I might set up another blog in the future to feature my favourite unknown artists as well.

The artists are, in alphabetical order:

Pierre Bonnard, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Diebenkorn

Marlene Dumas, Helen Frankenthaler, Lucian Freud

Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning, Brice Marden

Mark Rothko, Helene Schjerfbeck, Luc Tuymans


Makinti Napanangka

Two Women Dreaming - Kungka Kutjarra, 2006
Acrylic on linen, 118 x 180 cm
Esa Jaske Collection


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