Friday, May 17, 2013

Composer Kaija Saariaho Wins The Polar Music Prize 2013 (with Youssou N’Dour)


"The Polar Music Prize 2013 is awarded to Kaija Saariaho from Finland. After studying at IRCAM in Paris, an institution 
for research and study of electro-acoustic music, Kaija Saariaho has developed into a unique composer, a metal worker's 
daughter who re-examines what music can be. When she was growing up, the music that inspired her came not from 
the radio but from the pillow; that was where she found the music she dreamt of. Kaija Saariaho combines acoustic 
instruments with electronics and computers. She has written chamber music, orchestral works and operas. Kaija Saariaho 
is a modern maestro who opens up our ears and causes their anvils and stirrups to fall in love."

This photo of Kaija I took at Kuhmo International Chamber Music Festival 2010:

Kaija Saariaho
Photo Esa Jaske

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