Saturday, May 25, 2013

Premio Faenza Contemporary Ceramics Prize


Artist Päivi Rintaniemi from Finland has just won the Faenza Prize for the 'Over 40' category

(- I must say I do not really like this kind of sectioning -):

"On 15th April 2013 the Jury meet to select the awarded works among about one hundred finalists, 
coming from all over the world. All the works represent the contemporary languages
and face the subjects of nowadays themes.

The Faenza Prize for the Section “over 40” has been awarded to the Finnish artist  Päivi 
Rintaniemi with the work Avis (2012 ) for the following reason: “The purity of the work Avis,
an excellent result between essentiality and refinement, focuses the deepness and maturity of
the research of the Finnish artist. She found inspiration in the primordial shape of the vessel and found 
an effective synthesis between fragility and strength, between formal and informal”

The Faenza Prize for the section “under 40” has been awarded to the Italian Nero/Alessandro 
Neretti with the work The new Apostles that is economical and structural  landscapes (2012)
for the following reason: “the work is fully contemporary in the shape and poetic. The artist’s 
skillfulness to combine different material, together with his aptitude to face nowadays social 
subjects, offer several and new possibilities to understand the work. It is characterised
by the cohabitation of different languages and artistic experiences,
underlying the maturity of the artist”."

(I'm a bit cranky today; I wish they'd spent some of the considerable prize money on decent translation...) 

Faenza Prize for the Section “over 40” -
Päivi Rintaniemi (Finland) with the work
Avis (2012 )

Here are my favourites from the many other special prize winners:

The medal of the President of the Italian Senate -
Jane King (UK) for the work
Untitled (2012)


Faenza Prize for the section “under 40” -
Nero/Alessandro Neretti (Italy) with the work
The new Apostles that is economical and structural landscapes (2012)


The D’A review Prize -
Zhao Ping Ping (Cina) for the work
Dancing in the wind, (2012)


The Prize of Regione Emilia-Romagna -
Tony Lattimer (Britain) with the work
Painterly (2012)


And here are a couple of other works by Päivi Rintaniemi:

Päivi Rintaniemi, Magnus, 2009

Päivi Rintaniemi, Avis II, 2010

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  1. I agree about the categories. I can understand a special category for children, but it seems pointless to break adults into age groups.


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