Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sydney's Northern Beaches: 10 Beaches, 10 Images, #8 - Warriewood Beach


Warriewood Beach runs for 500m from the northern cliff face and rocks to the base of 
Turrimetta Head which protects the beach from the south, causing it to curve around and 
face the north east. A single attached bar runs to the north and is cut by a permanent rip that 
flows out over the southern rocks known as pot rock.

General Conditions:

Good swimming and body surfing conditions
Strong shore break at times
Excellent surfing conditions at the north end
Good surfing breaks along the beach. Best in North Easterly winds.



Yves Klein
Blue Monochrome, 1961
Dry pigment in synthetic polymer medium on cotton over plywood, 6' 4 7/8" x 55 1/8" (195.1 x 140 cm).
The Sidney and Harriet Janis Collection.

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