Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kookaburras visiting


I took the boys (Bennie and George, our pugs) to the vet this morning for their dental. They'll be there all day today, because it'll be done under anaesthetic - hopefully they'll be awake enough at 5 pm, which is the estimated pick-up time.

Before we went to the vet, we had some early visitors: half a dozen kookaburras spent some time at our backyard. One of them plunged into the pool a couple of times, unfortunately I failed to get images of it. Also, with the photos I did manage to take (below), I was a bit disappointed with the lack of sharpness. I checked the manual for my new camera, and realised what caused it (auto selection of ISO 800 because of lack of light, and disabled flash - I'll know better next time). It feels very strange in the house without them.


Magazine cover by May Gibbs (1914)


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