Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good News!


Some time ago (here) I did a post on Oscar, the Eastern Water Dragon, that we 
were lucky to have around in our garden (and the pool!) for a couple of years. At 
the time, when reminiscing about him, I didn't mention the other reptile that had 
been a frequent visitor here over the years. I guess the reason was that he/she 
at some stage disappeared for a couple of weeks, and one day, when I was 
taking the boys, Bennie and George, our pugs, out for a walk, I spotted a 
flattened Blue Toungue Lizard, that obviously had been run over by a car, in our 
neighbourhood. It appears it was Bluey (the first), so thus the silence.

A couple of days ago we spotted a Bluey (they have a striking blue tongue) in the 
very same drain that was Bluey I's favourite spot on sunny days. He looked a bit 
different, and fair enough, he was a younger one, with most of his digits in place 
(Bluey the 1st, over the years, as is common for the breed, had lost a few toes 
and fingers, which, by the way, does not seem to bother them too much). So, 
here's the first picture of Bluey II, having a snack on the breakfast banana, that 
we've started supplying him with, as we did with Bluey the 1st (and Oscar):

One is always faced with the question of whether to feed wild animals or not. For 
me, the idea of having these practically pre-historic species still around us, 
warrants trying to make their life somewhat easier: we have destroyed the 
surroundings of so many animals in the world by recklessly making our breed the 
one 'entitled' to the riches of the earth, at the cost of everything else... And in 
the end, I just have to trust my instincts, and in this case, these reptiles do seek 
'our' environments for survival, so I think we do have to indulge them, whether 
we're talking about reptiles here, or wolves and bears in the north, etc. ...

And here was Bluey I, at home in the same drain, or close by:

Mr Blue Tongue

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