Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pottery #16 - Drawing on Clay


Eino Viikilä from Finland used to make functional pottery with drawn semiabstract motifs in the 90's. My vessels of his below are from that period. However, since then, he's moved onto whimsical naïve sculpture that he is known for nowadays.  This is what he says about his current body of work (example at the end of the post):

"Humour plays an important role in my art. Although I am not deliberately trying to make my work funny, the humour just comes into it naturally, as part of my expression. The chickens, foxes, wolves and bears, subjects of my sculptures, tell the tales of human life's extraordinary colours. I also always try and describe in my work the twists and turns of human relationships with a gentle smile.

All materials I use guide and influence my expression. Ceramics attract me into luscious and complex revelation stories while stone and bronze tend to keep my expression simple; but besides sculpturing I also enjoy painting and graphics."


Eino Viikilä

Kanatten mudaravila eli terveyskylpylä (Chicken's Mud Spa), 2007


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