Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Photo Opportunity #2


Finally, after a week of rainfall, Michael, the tiler, was able to lay the
waterproofing. And yes, trust me, I found the new temporary surface and colour
irresistible for photos. Here are the results: images of hand made ceramic pieces
in my collection that have quite subtle, mostly white, colours, to suit the new
backdrop. And besides from the first set of bowls that are from a museum shop
in Kyoto, Japan, and the thong (called a flip-flop in the U.S.?) by Mambo artist
Gerry Wedd, similar works can be found from Etsy - a great source for hand
made objects.

Should you be interested of the makers or details of any of these, please email me.

1 comment:

  1. I particularly like the pieces in the 11th photo.

    And, yes, it's customary now to call shoes of that type "flip-flops" these days, but when I was a child, we called them thongs too. If you say "thong" here now, people think you're talking about underwear.


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