Saturday, August 3, 2013

David Hockney in 1966


I have a British Film Institute (BFI) produced dvd called 'A Bigger Splash -
featuring David Hockney'. It is a 1974 documentary by Jack Hazan of three
years in the life of David Hockney and his circle in California. Included on the disk
is also a great James Scott 1966 documentary 'Love's Presentation' of Hockney
working on his Cavafy series of etchings. It was especially exciting for me
to see this film (narrated by Hockney himself) since I have one of the original
prints from the series, and to see him work on this particular etching was
a huge bonus. The print is called 'Two Boys Aged 23 or 24'.

Here's an extract from Love's Presentation on Youtube:

I was inspired to make a collage of Hockney's face as it featured
in the beginning of the film:

David Hockney in 1966

David Hockney (born 1937)
Title: Two Boys Aged 23 or 24
From Illustrations for Fourteen Poems from C.P. Cavafy
Date: 1966
Medium: Etching and aquatint on paper
Dimensions image: 345 x 223 mm

The DVD/BlueRay disk is available from BFI

David Hockney: Etchings for Cavafy
(with the Cavafy poems)
by Goldmark

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