Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today's Walk - Barrenjoey Lighthouse


Growing concerns about NPWS plans

for Barrenjoey Head

PITTWATER  residents are concerned by a plan that could see commercial 
operations or new buildings at Barrenjoey Head.

Under changes proposed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to increase 
the tourist potential of the historic lighthouse precinct, the existing buildings 
could be leased to the private sector for tourist accommodation, a restaurant 
or a function centre, and new buildings could be erected.

The fishermen's shacks at the base of the headland could also be demolished 
and replaced by commercial buildings, which the NPWS parks service said could 
also be erected "in other visually-unobtrusive areas''.

Avalon Preservation Trust spokesman Peter Mayman said he is concerned
the NPWS is even considering the commercial use of the existing buildings
at Barrenjoey or the construction of new ones had concerns about the plan.

"That is completely incompatible with the character of a heritage-listed area,'' 
he said.

"It's a radical difference to what is currently there and what is enjoyed
by the people who walk there. It's just appalling.''

Mr Mayman said few people know of the plans because they have not been 
widely advertised, and the period of public consultation is short.

Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association member Laurie Seaman said he did 
not oppose toilets being built on top of the headland but was "horrified'' by
any move to commercial use the historic buildings.for tourist accommodation or
a restaurant, or to erect new buildings for those purposes

A spokeswoman said the NPWS is urging people to comment onview
the proposals.

"The NPWS is encouraging everyone to comment in writing on this amendment 
to the plan of management," she said.

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