Wednesday, July 31, 2013

En Plein Air - Bilgola Beach


Okay, here are my first iPad Mini Plein Air experiments:

I'm happy with this, considering it was quite cool at the beach today
because of the strong wind (it is winter here still, mind you).
I found the actual 'painting' process a bit of a challenge
mostly due to the bright sun making the iPad app controls
somewhat difficult to see (not helped by my cold fingers).
I did learn a lot from this though, regarding to the order of layering.

With this one I 'cheated'.
I took a photo with the iPad, made a copy of it,
and pasted it into Procreate App, to use as a template for my painting on the spot.
I can see beneficial uses for this technique, it's all about trying to reach the planned goal
for your work. And I do like the sky and the yellowish trees in this.

The same as the one before, processed further, and no cropping.

Here I was trying to capture the surf, and the shift from blue to green of the sea.

One of the quick sketches I made when walking around...
(I also sketched a couple of seagulls, and was quite encouraged by the results.)

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