Monday, November 11, 2013

Nigeria Monarchs


I just came across this fantastic photographic exhibition by Nigerian 
photographer George Osodi on 'Nigeria Monarchs'. The physical show has just 
ended in London, but follow the link below to view it as a slide show...

From Artnet Photography newsletter:

Founded in 2004 by Ziggi Golding, Z Photographic Ltd. is a unique photographic 
agency devoted to working with creative talent, with a style of their own, a 
fresh eye, and creative ideas.

Z Photographic Ltd. is currently presenting Nigeria Monarchs, an exhibition 
featuring the works of acclaimed Nigerian photographer George Osodi (b.1974). 

The exhibition features stunning color photographs of figures who, since 1963, 
when the monarchy system was abolished, have held no constitutional rule, yet 
have remained a part of the country's political landscape. Nigeria Monarchs is 
on view at Bermondsey Projects in London from October 11 through November 
3, 2013.

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