Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Metropolis Charging & Gary's MICROVIDS


From Gary Deirmendjian:

sharing some MICROVIDS news...

Dear friends and colleagues,

Happy to share that dLux MediaArts have produced a novel touring exhibition of the MICROVIDS, 
detailed on their link below:

The attached image indicated the nature of the exhibition, which is essentially a box of acrylic slides 
with QR codes, that detail the individual MICROVID and when scanned on a smart device (be it a 
mobile phone or a tablet) using a QR reader, they are instantly taken to that video on YouTube and able 
to watch immediately … using own or provided devices.
You may be interested in an interview conducted by Artereal Gallery when the MICROVIDS first aired in 
a gallery setting in December last year. It discusses their rhyme and reason. 

It was an entire exhibition on an A4, curated by Pedro de Almeida. A PDF of that exhibition can be 
downloaded from this link:

Thank you,

gary deirmendjian

YouTube Channel: manumente

Today I've been refreshing myself with Gary's Manumente Youtube channel videos -
and finding hard to stop. His eye for the surreal in the urban environment is uncanny,
and combined with clever editing and audio, he enables us to see the world in a new light.

This is one of my favorites of Gary's numerous microvids: Metropolis Charging:

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