Saturday, September 21, 2013

Iowa Seeds: Simon Levin With Apprentices Exhibition at AKAR


A message from Ryan Strobel, one of my favourite US potters:

"Hey everyone-       
I'm excited to be part of a show at the AKAR gallery in Iowa (also online) that 
opened this afternoon.

The show is called "Iowa Seeds," and features work from Simon, the potter I 
apprenticed for, myself, and the 7 other potters that have apprenticed for him 
over the years.  

The title references the fact that Simon got his ceramics education in Iowa 
(University of Iowa) and studied with some great Iowa potters like Clary Illian, 
Bunny McBride, and Chuck Hindes, and how what he learned there was then 
passed on to us apprentices.

The show is interesting to view (for me at least!) because you can see common 
threads in our work, but also our individual voices and perspectives. 

It's also exciting for me because AKAR is a big national gallery, so i'm honored 
to have work there!  

I sent them five of my nicest wood-fired pieces that i'd been saving for a 
'special occasion.'  

Check it out!   

Thanks for your time-- Ryan


And here are pieces by Simon Levin, and four of his past apprentices,
in my wood fired pottery collection:

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