Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Couple of Posts You May Have Missed


Recently I've posted two lengthy posts with lots of images that haven't been 
listed in one's new post listings for blogs one follows. I assume Google is 
'protecting' readers from excessive posts... However, I've got the links to them 

My project is to study all 1904 issues (12) of a Russian art magazine call Mir 
Iskusstva (the final year of its publication), and my intent is to do one 'research' 
post based on an article in each magazine issue for that year. I found it 
fascinating sorting out what the articles are about, using Google Translator for 
the Russian, which is the language of the essays (many of the credits are in 
also in French). I found the scans of the magazine pages in the archives of 
Doria: The Multi-institutional Repository maintained by The National Library of 
Finland (

Mining the Archives -

Mir Iskusstva 1904 No1 -

Alexandre Benois

Mining the Archives -

Mir Iskusstva 1904 No2 -

Arkhangelskoye Palace

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