Monday, September 10, 2012

Pot Decorating Idea in Fruition


A pot's progress:

Some time ago, soon after I started my ceramics course, I posted about my 
'Pot Decorating Ideas', and used one of my old photos as an example (the one  
I took at Sydney's fascinating Long Reef). Well, with my one year full time 
ceramics course coming to a close quite soon, I'm happy to be able to present 
a pot (a plate or a platter) with the very same decoration, fresh from the kiln:

By the way, please put aside your ideas of a good pot in this context: the aim 
for me doing this course is not to produce 'perfect' ceramic objects, but to try 
out every possible technique, and later on, as needed, I may decide to perfect 
the 'canvas', in this case the plaster mould would be made to a perfection 
(unlike now).

A porcelain plate, about 30 x 30 cm.

The mock-up.

The original photo.

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  1. It seems hard to believe that last January you were waiting to hear if you'd have to report for jury duty and miss your class.

    Over the past months, you've shared so many exciting pieces done by you, your fellow students and your teacher. I'm so glad it worked out that you were excused and could have this experience.

    You captured the bird wonderfully on the plate. I'm quite taken by him.


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